ECO₂L Energy Controlled Leather

The world’s first label for energy efficiency and CO₂ emissions of a tannery

In this century the climatic change is one of the central worldwide challenges of our society. To reduce the risks of the global warming on people and nature, the average temperature rise must be limited considerably worldwide until the end of the century.

The German Leather Federation. felt obliged to this commitment as well and presents with the ECO₂L label (energy controlled leather) the world’s first calculation and auditing model for determining the energy efficiency and the CO₂-emission of a tannery. ECO₂L was developed by the Forschungsgemeinschaft Leder (Leather Research Foundation) as an active contribution of a responsible leather industry towards climate protection and as a significant aspect to evaluate a sustainable leather production.

The ECO₂L certificate is assigned by the independant FILK Freiberg Institute gGmbH. Auditing is conducted on behalf of FILK by independent, officially appointed auditors.

Certification includes the right to use

the ECO₂L label for promotional purposes

for a period of three years.

Download Guideline for ECO₂L

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