FAN (Working Group on Sustainability) decision

to extent audits due to Corona decision

Due to the continuing difficult situation for travel caused by Corona restrictions, the period between the last audit and the current date is getting longer and longer. An endless extension is not possible. An audit is normally valid for three years. It can be extended by a maximum of one year for Corona reasons. Then a new audit must take place.

The members of the FAN have therefore decided that:

1.  New audits can only be accepted again when on-site audits are possible. This means that companies that have not yet had an ECO₂L audit can only apply for audits again when a visit is possible.

2.  Remote audits (video audits). Companies that have had an ECO₂L audit at least once can have an audit by video conference in order to obtain the ECO₂L certificate again. Remote audits are only the exception, intended as a solution for times when an on-site audit is not possible (Corona). 1)

3.  The validity of an audit is thus limited to a maximum of four years – also due to corona-related extensions.

1) The decision on the risk of a trip lies with the auditor and depends on the country, the restrictions, and the incidences.

Decided on 25.01.2022 – FAN Working Group on Sustainability

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