Coaching and Audit

for getting the ECO₂L Certificate

The training represents an additonal voluntary offer to the tannery to prepare the audit. However, the execution of the ECO₂L Audit needs an extra order by the auditee and will be carried out independently of the preparing and concomitant measurement like coaching, training and consultancy. That training measures are entirely separated in time and purpose from the audit and therefore invoiced  separately.

ECO₂L Audit is performed by an authorized auditor incl. ECO₂L certification by FILK Freiberg, if all requirements of the label are fulfilled. If all necessary documents are prepared well and provided to the auditor, a time outlay of 1 day on-site has to be calculated.

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Preparation Audit

To prepare for the audit, you should download the data collection.

Download  Data collection preparation tool

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